A passionate team for a professional show.

The team

A technical team of seven passionates:

- Homebuiders.
- Private or Professional Pilots.
- Aerobatics and Instructors.
Grouped within an association law 1901.

the SHOW

Our presentation is unique in the world.

It is inspired by the great American shows.

From releasing car's brakes to touching the weels of planes, ten minutes of air show.

Aerobatics, patrol flight, pyrotechnics...

The Aircraft

The MC15 Cricri is the smallest twin engine in the world.

Designed by Michel Colomban in the 70s.

Lionel et Florent bought the bundles of plans and worked more than 4000 hours to be in charge of their aircrafts!

Our Objective

To present you a show of quality, original and unique in the world in complete safety.

Our presentation was subject of a technical study before being authorized by the competent services of the French Civil Aviation Safety (DGAC).

A scale model 1:1 aerodynamic, static and dynamic tests were necessary for this spectacular take off.

We have nothing to prove during this presentation!

We just want to bring a bit of originality and share it with you.